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Our Businesses
  • 10,568 acres of USDA certified 100% organic farm land under contract farming growing a multitude of produce such as cotton, soy, bamboo, vegetables,     fruits and spices

  • Greening our real estate development projects through various methods:
  • water conservation, harvesting and treatment;
  • use of fly ash in mortar mix
  • windmills for power generation
  • pollution prevention
Environmental Initiatives
Wearology Limited is a Public Limited Company, listed on the BSE in Mumbai, India and a part of The Poddar Group (TPG).We are currently a 300 colleague strong company with offices in 5 countries, headquartered in Mumbai.

We have 3 verticals of business
Organic Farming
Organic Apparel
Anti-Microbial Healthcare Solutions

Our business motto is "Environmentally Friendly. Business sound."
All 3 business' verticals follow these 2 interwoven principles, in addition to TPG's set of three core values of integrity, excellence and responsibility.